Traditionally Hand Forged Metalwork

that will last a lifetime






Tim comes from a long and well established blacksmith family, in fact back to 1841 started by his great great grandfather (master blacksmith) at Litcham in Norfolk. However, Tim has been based in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire for many years. His work is varied. Restoration or new, church or private bespoke are all undertaken, all variations of styles are catered for, eg artisitic, gothic, art deco or traditional. He attends many prestigious shows which features many of his stock items - candle sticks, obelisks and garden features, including:



  • Rose arches
  • Gazebos
  • Candlesticks
  • Candelabra's
  • Wigwams
  • Obelisks
  • Flower Display Pedestals
  • Garden Screens
  • Footscrapers




  • Pokers
  • Firehoods
  • Log Baskets
  • Braziers
  • Curtain Rails
  • Tiebacks
  • Ornate Gates and Railings
  • Wineholders


For all restoratation of

  • ironwork
  • sandblasting of old wrought ironwork
  • repainting or powder coating also available






So let's let the sparks fly and the anvil sing!